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Guardian Spirit Angel Love Heart Good Luck Amulet Sodalite Gemstone Pendant Necklace gN3Dhspk

Guardian Spirit Angel Love Heart Good Luck Amulet Sodalite Gemstone Pendant Necklace gN3Dhspk

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Product description Very Unique Puffy Heart with Guardian Angel Charm Necklace Heart is Made from Genuine and Natural Sodalite GemstoneGuardian Angel charm is made from High Grade PewterGemstone Heart Size: 30mm (1 ¼ inches) Comes with Adjustable Necklace, Shortest: 15 inches, Longest: 24 inches This Celtic Amulet is Very Special Puffy Heart Necklace. It has Very Unique design and holds Very Cute Guardian Angel holding Heart with Engraved LOVE statement and it is attached to the Heart Gemstone. The actual Puffy Heart is made from Genuine and Natural Sodalite Gemstone Crystal. This Guardian Angel Heart Necklace is Good Luck Amulet, as it is made from Sodalite Gemstone and attracts powers of Good Luck energies and forces. Stay Protected, Lucky and Unique with your Own Individual Guardian Angel Amulet. Angel Folklore and Legend: Angels are spiritual beings that are believed to be much more powerful than humans. They have been thought of as creations of a separate order from human beings and sometimes as the spirits of highly evolved humans. People believe that Angles have Super Natural Powers of Protection and each person may have their Own Angel following every step of the way. They may look up your ways right before you, making you take a different road unintentionally. Heart Symbol Myth and Legend: Heart symbol mainly represent Love all over the world. Magicians and Alchemists used the Heart symbols for incantations pertaining to matters related to love and romance. They were also used in rituals with a goal to strengthen relationships. The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for love, charity, joy and compassion. As a graphic representation of an inverted triangle, this symbolizes a vessel in which love is poured or carried. Consider the symbolism an upside-down triangle. The heart evolved from this initial symbol. Historically, the meaning of the heart symbol grew from its use as a religious icon. Ancient Egyptians called the heart symbol Ieb, believing it was the center of all consciousness, the center of life itself. It was the only organ not removed during mummification. Among Christians, it stands for charity, hope or forgiveness as is the case in the Sacred Heart. Generally speaking, the heart was the center of thought, emotion or the soul, the center of one's being. Good Luck and Protection Powers of SODALITE Gemstone: Sodalite resonates to Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection, Courage, Truth, and Strength. Sodalite brings inner peace, so its peaceful properties will flow all around you. As Well, Sodalite is Extra Lucky Stone in General. It is claimed to alleviate fear and bring clarity of mind and is a good stone for Psychic Protection. Sodalite protects from external negative energy. Also clears the mind for deeper and wiser thinking, aids logic along with opening Third Eye Intuition. Protects against radiation (computer) and negative forces. It has been said that the longest distance you will ever travel is the journey from your head to your heart. This is the GIFT of Sodalite. It clears up mental confusion and reestablishes inner peace. Sodalite strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. It also help free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us.
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